Friday, April 20, 2007

In a strange and mysterious set-up off the coast of Australia, an eerily calm catamaran containing a set dinner table, laptop and other things you’d take with you on a pleasant boat trip were found set up but there were no people to be found on board. No one can figure out exactly what happened seeing as there’s no real evidence of a struggle, there’s no one around and the life jackets are all intact. Consequently, the only rational thing to do would be to make up what happened, make it as inane as possible and then get really freaked out about it. Paranoid even. After all it is 4/20.

Clearly what’s happened here is that actually this vessel was sailing near Bermuda a few moments before it appeared off the coast of Australia but as is the case with the Bermuda triangle, it sort of hiccups or whatever happens there and the boat was transported instantly to the other end of the world. If you think of the world as a giant human body, then perhaps consider that Bermuda is the mouth and Australia is, as former Prime Minister Paul Keating once famously suggested, the ass end of the world. Consequently, this is really just about global energetic digestion. The people are probably someone in the jungle covering the Andes in Venezuela.

The other explanation could only be that this is merely the whimsical, nautical version of the Blair Witch Project happening in real life. All that is missing is a soundtrack. That is all. [source]

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