Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Understandable shockwaves rebound throughout the blogosphere with the report that CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, after working out at the Equinox Gym in The Time Warner Center, makes sure to wear boxer briefs while in the shower. The initial report came from Janet Charlton who explained that Cooper was afraid he’d be photographed in the gym by one of those cell phone cameras that can easily be snuck in and used discreetly. BUT – shock horror – Andy Towle reports that in fact, a friend of his sees Anderson in the change rooms at Equinox and Anderson SOMETIMES just wraps a towel around his waist and does that awkward underwear changing with one hand thing popularized in the locker room in High School. For anyone outside New York, here’s some footage that sort of falls into the same genre of what you’d see if you were in the showers with Anderson. Actually starring the Coopmeister. Shirtless.

It’s really difficult to know who to trust on this but the facts remain as such:

1) The Time Warner Center Equinox gym is now bound to be inundated with an entire PANIC of gay men (isn’t that funny? Because a group of lesbians is called a “protest” of lesbians so a group of flaming gay men has got to be called a “panic” of gay men) hoping to get a gimpse for themselves.
2) Maybe this is actually the same kind of thing as the teachers in Sacramento who are now allowing kids to wear a t shirt that said “Sodomy is Sin” as long as the word “Sodomy” is covered up or to that subversive teacher who let the class watch “Name of the Rose” but emphatically fast forwarded through the sex scene involving Christian Slater. Just as Anderson is still in the closet but not really, so too is he bringing blog wide attention to his crotch by awkwardly covering it.
3) Keith Olbermann’s theory that Anderson Cooper’s schtick is the personal life he performs but refuses to talk continues to ring true. How many people talk about Rob Marchiano or Sanjay Gupta in the showers at Equinox? And who has a higher profile on CNN?

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