Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Celebrity Madness

While pandas had a pretty good run last year as the world’s most famous bear, the most famous bear right now, and maybe forever if this trend continues, is little Knut from the Berlin Zoo. He's getting press all over the world admittedly, because he’s excruciatingly adorable and, most recently, there’s been the cover of Vanity Fair he did with Leonardo diCaprio while Bloomberg reports that stock in the Berlin Zoo could conceivably sky rocket based on his brand value. Even better than that is this little film which brings together the unusual but unquestionably great combination of more than 7 minutes of footage of the little bear with the always culturally resonant opening credit music from the TV series “Dallas”.

Why it is exactly that someone chose to put the two elements together conceptually in this film is largely incomprehensible but there’ll be no complaints about it on THIS blog. Besides, it’s only when you get to about 1:15 that you really start questioning why you’re still watching. [source]

Well, isn't it nice to see that, a mere ten years on, Alanis Morissette seems to finally be getting closer to understanding what "ironic" actually means? Her recent genius cover of My Humps, originally performed by the Black Eyed Peas, is actually a breath of fresh air take on that song. Especially when you consider that My Humps was, when you get right down to it ie. when you hear it during the day, not drunk, and not while in a distractingly lit club - a strange and jarring blend of inanity and earnestness. [source]

If these photos are to be believed, and who cares enough to passionately argue that they're not, they indicate that Guy Ritchie has no hair and a scar on the side of his face. What does this mean? Well, this may very well be the first edgy thing he’s done since Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. [source]

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