Monday, April 09, 2007

With no way of really getting themselves a hard core exclusive with anyone involved in the Anna Nicole saga any more because Entertainment Tonight have bought the hell out of every possible report – including the needless comparisons to the death of Marilyn Monroe – Inside Edition snatches up the only remaining angle no one else bothered to cover by dragging out the old Polygraph machine and slapping the wires on the integrity oozing Prince Frederic von Anhalt. It’s to see if he actually really believes he could be the father of Anna Nicole’s baby. Why, after he was more or less immediately written off by everyone – even housewives in middle America as a publicity hungry fraud and after Bill O’Reilly directly demanded an explanation from von Anhalt and so did Larry King and von Anhalt could deliver nothing to either, would Inside Edition go after such a story? Desperation probably. But also, there’s a certain self affirming freak value in filming a conversation with man who insists he’s a prince when it’s also been proven quite simply that he’s not. It must suck to be a fake aristocrat married to a demanding b-list diva who is more the thirty years your senior. Maybe he’s looking for a hobby.[source]


Anonymous said...

Not that polygraph tests have any validity to begin with (they don't), the polygraph operator that Inside Edition hired to to determine whether Von Anhalt is a fraud is himself a fraud. "Dr." Ed Gelb of Los Angeles has been falsely representing himself to the public as a Ph.D. for years, but he in fact obtained his "degree" from an unaccredited diploma mill.

Matt said...

The story behind GETTING the story is actually far more interesting than the story itself.

Thanks for that!