Wednesday, April 11, 2007 is so totally and officially 2 years ago now that is here to fill the chronic boredom and desperate need for escape. And what better way to come up with a new concept than by simply taking an old one (ie. rate how hot people are by assigning their photo a number) and inserting only celebrities into it. It’s the same as anything else but CELEBRITY. Sort of like CELEBRITY breakfast cereal or celebrity candelabras. Celebrities apparently can do anything and that includes reinvigorating an old concept based on the human tendency to simply sit, to sit there in a chair drinking a 7000 calorie frapuccino while relentlessly and mercilessly judging other people's appearance desperately hoping the clock would tick faster..

The strategy you need to adopt to win is interesting though because two things become evident while you’re playing; one, society has no memory. It doesn’t remember, for instance, that Ann Bancroft won an Academy Award in 1963 but it does remember that Julia Roberts was on Broadway for ten minutes but not that she was dealt accurately scathing reviews. Also, celebrities who have been on TV for a long period of time outrank most people. Doesn’t matter if there’s a critically acclaimed actor for the silver screen up against Kim Catrall – Kim Catrall was on Sex and the City and it’s still playing so she’s famousr.

The other great part about it is that when you play and you start out by simply scoffing at how ludicrous it is, thinking about what kind of person would actually take this seriously – no really, what would it like to be THAT person – you have no idea that after a while, you’ll get really freaked out at the prospect of beating your winning streak. What happens eventually? Do I win a prize? Maybe if I just keep playing and playing and making it further and further I’ll find out. Hell, I’ll stay here all night if I need to. And I NEED to. might be interesting, actually. Rate which celebrity has sold more of their soul to get where they are; which is deadr on the inside. The cheat code for every round would, of course, be Tom Cruise. [source]

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David said...

Dear Reluctant Whore,

Thanks, and damn you! I went to famousr and got up to 19 correct. What a stupid waste of time! Is there a 12 step program for quitting it yet?