Monday, April 16, 2007

Ok so, there’s nothing more effective at mustering up sincere shock than an unchecked macho-ego mixed with a touch of unforgettable horror. Oddly enough, if they're German, why is it just that bit worse? Remember a few months ago when there was the horrifying incident involving German soldiers playing around with the skulls of humans in Afghanistan? Photos of German soldiers holding dismembered heads next to their dicks were published and the incident proved enough to sicken and disgust even the Germans themselves (something that takes some work when you look at the porn that comes out of Germany). Oh, bless those unchecked male egos that are left to fester within a small group isolated from the rest of civilization so no one is there to ensure mature, managed behavior.


While it’s true that a tendency to lose a grasp of reality and to descend into unacceptable torturous and violent behaviour isn’t exclusively German at all, although when Germans act out it’s historically weird and often unnervingly fecal, the Germans are at it again and this time, a video has been released showing a military drill instructor urging his trainees to really focus their rage and anger by imagining the figurative target as an African American from the Bronx. What interesting about this is what the individual drill instructor said in this instance. When you’re in Germany, why specifically think about an African American from the Bronx? If you're going to choose to be prejudiced against black people and you're in Germany then why choose those from the Bronx? Black people live all over the globe so, this is such a strange and arbitrary choice of origin. The instructor’s actual words were: “You are in the Bronx. A black van is stopping in front of you. Three African-Americans are getting out and they are insulting your mother in the worst ways. ... Act.” Which sounds so specific it could almost be a strange rape fantasy than anything else.

Anyway, the Bronx borough president, Adolfo Carrion has stepped up to the plate in what amounts to what can only be an unexpected moment in the of global political and demanded an apology from Germany to the Bronx. Just from another perspective as well; it’s genius timing in terms of professional PR for Carrion what with the Imus outrage and the US being on edge about words. It’s racism AND it’s global.[source] [source] The actual video can be seen here.

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