Monday, April 02, 2007

Celebrity Madness

Avril Lavigne takes her album promoting PR campaign that is based almost entirely on lashing out against Britney Spears another step further by saying Britney deserved what happened to her because that’s the nature of the business. Later on in the article linked below she explains how she beat up a guy who followed her out of a music store: "I turn around, f**kin' grab him and go, 'What?' And I f**kin' knee him in the balls, throw him down, and his f**kin' punk girlfriend comes over and goes, 'What the f**k are you doing?' Masterful. Bravo. Where is this guy? If you are this guy, please contact me. I want to know that you’re real.

So, that’s three specific public statements she’s made about being either the anti-Spears or just about her outrageously edgy personality and tendency to lash out uncontrollably because it’s hard when you have so much energy and so much passion and creative ability inside. Sometimes it comes out in difficult ways. If this could be any more transparent a marketing ploy it would become a liquid or a gas. [source]

Howard K Stern’s appeal on the Bahamian court ordered paternity tests which will ascertain who is the father of Dannilyn Smith is denied by the court and he is fined $5,000 for essentially wasting the court’s time. People want that kid because whoever gets her will potentially get all the money left by Anna Nicole Smith – assuming there actually is some. Is there any doubt at this point that Howard K Stern is a complete vampire? [source]

The pointless woman who vowed not to eat until Sanjaya Malakar was booted from American Idol has given up the starvation protest due to “doctor’s orders”. And indeed “Doctors orders” would be an accurate description of the reasons behind her quitting if “doctors orders” actually meant “crippling inability to succeed even at the one ludicrous project I set up to distract me from my unbearably pointless life of obsessive television watching and late night frosting inhalation”. Maybe Sanjaya Malakar is the new Paris Hilton in the sense that he is the embodiment of what people want in a celebrity-type figure. He’s sort of the post traumatic stress version of Paris. Angst free, playful, talentess (obviously) but with a certain ethereal conviction about his position in the media spotlight. If Paris is the greedy materialistic 80s decade the perhaps Sanjaya is the more emotionally complex 90s. Think about it, it’s just as hard to justify Paris Hilton as a celebrity as is it to justify Sanjaya as an American Idol finalist and yet, here we are.

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