Friday, April 13, 2007

Every time there’s a celebrity outburst (discriminatory or rehab based), someone tries to jump on the bandwagon and in doing so they make themselves look like a try hard moron. Jesse Metcalfe, I’m looking at you. Such is the case with the report in Rush and Molloy where Barry Michael Cooper, director of New Jack City has spoken out and claimed that Oliver Stone used the word “nigger” at a dinner. In 1991. Hi, Barry, we can hear you loud and clear, reception is great but, there’s just one more thing. Could you try just a little harder to suck?

Quick, let’s all revisit the same unchecked attention seeking band wagon joining witch hunt bullshit that occurred with authors just after James Frey admitted to fabricating parts of “A Million Little Pieces”. Oh my GOODNESS. If James Frey made up a portion of the book, ANYONE could be lying about the non-fiction they wrote and in fact, EVERYONE probably IS! Quick, let’s accuse everyone we see! Admittedly, it has been a while since the Frey incident and maybe America was ready to focus on one again; so now, let’s all have a good hard think about if we’ve ever heard a celebrity say the word “nigger” or “faggot” (“nigger” rates better than “faggot” but anything will do) at any time during the past – doesn’t have to be in the last ten years even. It could be 20 years ago or even 60. Hell, you could make it up if you want. Because there’s nothing like a hysterical, mindless witch hunt to make sure everyone in America feels like they have a pure and simple reason to get out of bed. [source]

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