Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Rosie O’Donnell announces she will leave the View due to a contract negotiation failure with ABC. It’s astounding to notice how emotional The View can actually be. While Barbara Walters is clearly a gorgon matron behind the scenes, she always professes love and concern like a mother hen – because after all the show is her baby. Rosie’s announcement that she is leaving was done in the same way that you’d expect a mother to tell her kids that “while we’re not going Disney Land next weekend as promised we will be going at the end of summer and in the meantime I’ve bought you all ice cream.” The urgency with which she reassures that she will be back to do specials on autism and depression is remarkable. Just in case everyone went into anaphylactic shock over the news. Massed wailing and gnashing of teeth were, thanks to Rosie’s sensitivity, averted. Meanwhile, what will happen to The View now? Perhaps Ann Coulter? [source]

Meanwhile, (and it’s not even perceptive to say “predictably” anymore) Donald Trump quickly chimes in with a publicity grabber, claiming he was probably responsible for Rosie being fired from the View. It’s interesting to listen to the way he actually speaks because his tone of voice indicates that he’s really just saying words that come to mind rather than stating a considered fact or idea. He obviously knew he wanted to repeat his mantra “Rosie’s a loser” (what happened to “Rosie’s an animal”?) but the rest he’s just making up as he goes along being sure to (albeit fraudulently) insert himself into the drama but isn’t that just the entire point? [source]

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Jonathan said...

Nice juxtaposition cropping the Donald's photo like yours.