Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Well, it’s goodbye fresh face and sparkling bad boy, probably closet wife beater and abuse denier Howie Day and hello LA Lakers star Luke Walton. Apparently. For Britney Spears. While it seems viable that Britney Spears could be dating Luke Walton or Howie Day or anyone really, what isn’t coming across is anything more than speculation and spin
from UK’s The Sun. But, what kind of insight is that really. Gee, The Sun spins a story – maybe from nothing. Quick! Everyone! Still, if it is true then the insight it gives into Ms Spears’ headspace is slightly more reassuring than was the case with the unstable Howie Day from rehab. Luke Walton certainly seems to have undeniable hand eye coordination and he’s very tall. Both are good things. The lessons everyone learned from Elizabeth Taylor after she married Larry Fortensky have thankfully resonated. Thank you Ms Taylor for saving our lives. [source]


Jonathan said...

What was the hottest topic for the Lakers at practice Wednesday? Luke Walton and Britney Spears. Linked by an Australian website to the pop singer, Walton stressed that he has never even spoken to Spears, who has attended several Lakers games this season.
-- Los Angeles Times

Are you the Australian website mentioned on Sports Illustrated's site. If so, well done. Great job on the blog.

Matt said...

Sure - why not?

I said it.


Jonathan said...

Riddle me this, Batman:

If you are the source, which Laker is reading your blog?

Matt said...

Truthfully, there's no way I was the first to write this. My reading of it might be unique but I wasn't the first - plus, I live in NEw York.

Having said that - I like to imagine all the Lakers read my blog. Do we need to narrow it down?

How come I can't read your blog? IT's blocked or something...

Jonathan said...

As the old saying goes, "...close enough for government work..." A blog written by an Australian living in New York might count as an Australian blog to a Laker, or a Los Angeles Times writer who doesn't want to reveal a source. After all, how many Australian websites do the Lakers read? Point taken though.

Nevertheless, I support declaring this the favorite blog of all Lakers.

As TLC might have said one day, if Left Eye did not pass in an untimely and tragic way, Ain't No Blog to Read. I'll leave that to those of you who can do it well.

Matt said...

Well, I am just enchanted that you deem this blog appropriate to support as the official LA Lakers celebrity culture deconstruction blog.

Thank you so much.

It does make sense that they would subscribe to at least one.

Jonathan said...

Excellent. But please be warned that it is my word, and a metrocard, that will help the Lakers, or you, or me for that matter, escape the eye of the storm for a respite in Manhattan.

In the meantime, I shall look to you for the deconstruction. I am easily confused by the original presentation.