Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

Relentless ropes of bubble filled dog saliva were apparently not a deterrent for Riggs, a 3 year old male bulldog who just beat out 50 other bulldogs and won a bulldog beauty contest in Des Moines, Iowa. For an outsider to dog show culture (startling as it is to consciously admit that there could be such a thing), one of the most appealing things about the shows is watching the owners. Or at least, gauging the kind of people they must be through their pets. Anyone who names their dog Sir Grizwald Snorzalot, Napoleon Underbite or Crazy Legs Da Moose should look forward to an afterlife of relentless mauling. [source]

Students in Sacramento who wanted to wear a t-shirt reflecting the view that Sodomy is a Sin that they more than likely inherited from a dominating adult, were originally suspended due to the fact that the language on the t shirt was considered offensive. Now they’re back at school and they’re allowed to wear the t shirts but they have to cover the wording up with duct tape which is great because clearly the point was actually to try out a new fabric softener so, the students probably won’t mind having the wording arbitrarily covered up just as long as they can experience the difference in fabric softness. Similarly, if you’ve got a bunch of kids wearing t shirts with duct tape on them only because the word sodomy is written under it then the word may as well not be there. It’s really just like with global warming, evolution and reality; once you cover up the surface evidence, the rest of the conflicting argument vanishes too. Problem solved. [source]

Contrary to the redneck cliche, Chinese people don’t actually all look the same. They are, however, highly likely to be named the same thing according to a recent survey that has ascertained the 85% of people in China share 100 different names. There are 88 million people in China who have the last name “Wang” and that means that it is also highly likely that there’s a huge amount of schoolyard name calling as well. Like, as in, an overwhelming amount of kids who go home crying due to “potty mouth teasing”. Oh forget it. The name Wang means King so perhaps it indicates that China is full of socially aspirant people [source]

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