Thursday, April 19, 2007

And just like that, the ethereal wunderkind that is Sanjaya is gone. But, hi - like we were ultimately surprised. Sanjaya’s cultural impact was steered largely outside of him through the mock support of people like Perez Hilton, Howard Stern and it grew and grew, like a hilarious national joke until it burst the night before he was knocked out of the running. He really couldn’t come up with anything else to do because after the hair and the cockiness, anything else would seem contrived and so, sadly, without anything to really convince people he was worthwhile (certainly vocal talent was non-existent) the smoke and mirrors tower holding him up vanished. The interesting thing about this is that he could do a William Hung and cash in but actually in a much bigger way. Hung’s schtick was obvious and he no physical appeal. Sanjaya has a couple of angles he could work now – like one off appearances, hair product endorsements, ironic fast food ad contracts…there really are so many options for him. Just not singing. Please. Particularly after that forcibly playful insertion of the phrase “Let’s give them something to talk about…other than HAIR.” Hmmm, not likely, young man. [source]

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