Thursday, April 12, 2007

Oh Good. Look, whatever about Sanjaya staying for another week and Haley Scarnato being made to leave. He’s cute, looked beautiful and didn’t suck, there’s no way around it. It’s difficult to describe why exactly Sanjaya beat Haley though but it probably has something to do with the fact that she dresses a little slutty and, as Maureen Dowd once explained; America is sexually bipolar so they only like slutty when they like slutty. Get with the err…program Haley.

Anyway, WORST part HANDS DOWN about the show was when he phoned in the comment about wanting to get Jennifer Lopez’s number and not tell Marc Anth…..oh, GOD, I just threw up again. Were it not for the substantial component of his on air identity that is about angst free fun, his completely transparent performance of a performance would really knock him out of the running. He performs authenticity like a 17 year old pretending to be an adult which, he more or less is so ok, fine…you can’t hang him for that. Why did he have to phone in the heterosexuality as well? It just makes him like the tragic Anderson Cooper. So eager to please and yet so patronizing and delusional. Oh, he’s so much more conniving than any of us can possibly fathom. [source]

Get set for the appalling, eye openingly bad Sanjaya moment. Everything is going fine for a while; J Lo is sitting on the floor as part of her "I'm just like you" campaign, the kids are spilling awestruck gratitude etc.


The horror happens at 18 seconds before the end.

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