Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sanjaya Malakar. Sanjaya Sanjaya Sanjaya. Here were are with the final 8 and Sanjaya – thanks in no small part to his hair, his model-esque stature, his well meaning, fearless, angst free approach and his non-threatening incubating omni/homosexuality – is still here. Sanjaya’s appeal is similar to that of Paris Hilton but with different variables. Paris is about vicarious existence, no responsibility, universal sex appeal and uncomplicated bacchanalian experience. Sanjaya is about angst free innocence, bravery, non-threatening beauty and the manifestation of dreams against all odd (or lack of talent) and that might actually be enough to get him through to the end and to victory, the musical director of Idol is now saying.

It’s true that this could simply be a way for Idol to drum up white knuckle worthy suspense and excitement but, seeing as France and Germany have Sanjaya equivalents in Julien and that Kevin Federline guy who seemed dead on the inside who is doing well maybe global consciousness really is seeking en masse to reward someone with no talent but who represents a lack of angst, a rock star’s easily translatable sex appeal and a sincere attempt despite no real technical skill.

Perhaps America thinks it's untalented and anxious so it looks to Sanjaya to be who they feel they can't be. The extent to which that’s true will be measured by how far he gets from now on. [source]

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