Friday, April 20, 2007

If the recent cell phone message left for his daughter by Alec Baldwin is anything to go by then Alec Baldwin is a big fat pompous, mean spirited ass hole. If you listen to the entire message two things stand out. The first is his Champagne-quality estimate of her actual age. She could be 12, she could be 11 – he can’t remember at all but JESUS, that’s not the point is it? The point is that she didn’t answer the phone and he’s just outraged! With all the things he has to remember; like for instance, the names of all his brothers for one, how on EARTH can he reasonably be expected to remember the age of his daughter? Or, for that matter, that with every breath he takes – and here’s number two: as he delivers his spectacularly well spoken diatribe (it really does sound like a well crafted audition piece), he’s pushing young Ireland Baldwin/Basinger whatever, closer and closer to the fate of someone like Nicole Ritchie. Push away Alec, sooner or later you’ll be calling her to flash her Fred Quimby while getting out of a limo so you can then invite her to help promote the sale of your newest political rant novel. It more or less happened to Lionel Ritchie. [source]

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