Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

Because most cool people aren’t found in a wedding dress induced haze, passed out on the floor of a bar in a pool of their own vomit very often, unless it’s their actual wedding and they’re slightly unstable – the black market trade in wedding dresses doesn’t really get much press, until now. A truck containing 1000 stolen wedding dresses on its way to Mexico was stopped at the border and the dresses confiscated which means the Mexican Charlotte York will be jonesing and screaming herself to sleep tonight. [source]

You’d think the socially integrated sexualized lunchtime beatings that probably happen in ALL German offices (without question) would be enough to more or less vent enough collective road rage among Germans to keep them stable. However, if recent reports are to be believed, which will immediately be the case without question; Germans are losing it a little when it comes to speed cameras. Germans have been setting the cameras that undermine their need to fly on by at life threatening speeds on fire and indeed one man calmly got out of his car, carefully dismantled the camera and took it with him. Perhaps this is the downside to being so focused on quality control and design excellence. [source]

In preparation for the Olympics and the World Expo, China has been really bending over backwards to clean up the city. First there were the no doubt expensive yet obviously crucial spittoons that were installed in taxis, then there was the closure of the restaurants that didn’t reach appropriate standards (which made up a third of restaurants in Beijing) and now there’s the removal of 6500 signs that use English in slightly incorrect ways. Maybe the first two steps were important in making the city ready for the international tourist invasion but in removing 6500 signs that say inappropriate things inadvertently they’ve just taken away 6500 reasons for the office clown to bother traveling to Beijing for fresh material for those “this will brighten your Monday” powerpoint presentations.[source]

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