Monday, April 02, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

For some reason a cab driver in Mexico thought it would be a good idea to insist that his passengers watch hard core porn in the back seat while he drove them to wherever they wanted to go. Fair enough, there are bound to be lame men, art professors and edgy marketing executives who will want to see that kind of thing as a distraction, marvel at the post modern cultural pastiche or try and figure out how to get porn into other facets of daily life to make a buck. But a woman got in a cab with her son and the driver put on the porn, as you do, for them to see and when they complained he actually refused to turn it off so they get out, make a complaint and he is arrested along with three of his colleagues who are apparently doing the same thing. [source]

And like clockwork, just days after the Chocolate sculpture of a nude Jesus Christ that hung in the lobby of a Hotel in Chelsea, New York was taken down after the Catholic Church got all fired up on intolerant, censor-mad, self righteous offense – offers to buy the piece from the artist have been pouring in. Like I said last week, some people pray to be banned by the inane, self righteous, hateful, delusional (is ANY Catholic reading this?), arbitrary, manipulative, fraudulent (oh, come ON! There has to be at least one offended Catholic out there…mama needs a new pair of mules…) fear profiteering, child molesting, homophobic, sexist Catholic Church (fine, I don’t care…I WANT to be accepted. I WANT to be ignored by the Catholic Church). [source]

A mind bendingly tolerant and permissive audience in Japan sits through an 184 hours of music ranging from harp playing to the Beatles (and an earthquake) making it the longest concert in the world. Apart from everyone else, this must really piss off the Canadians who held the previous record of 182 hours. No more state funerals and free dinners with royalty for them. They must be cutting themselves at night.

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