Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

After taunting his two wives and annoying them with hints that he may marry a third wife (in that passive aggressive way where he laughed it off at first but he was really paying attention to gauge how they would take it) Judaie Ibn Salem was more or less mauled by his fed up wives. Astoundingly, being treated like cattle by a man who probably has the entitlement laced emotional maturity of a 6 year old by virtue of his simply being male and living in a macho, patriarchy proved too much for them and when he suggested he take another wife to settle the problem of their apparent impoliteness they both snapped and tore his face. In his retelling: it was all a joke until he got hurt and was obviously going to lose the argument. Then they just took it too far. He needed stitches. The only way to deal with problem, impolite women like that is a few brutal beatings and soul crushing rape. Everyone knows that. [source]

The Stockholm Zoo has dealt their hand in the “cutest animal” game and it’s shockingly powerful and almost certainly a threat to the show biz bear, Knut. Look out Berlin Zoo – here comes Bilbo the viciously cute baby lemur. Small will always win out in the cute stakes when it comes to animals and so, on that front Bilbo has a real chance at surpassing the potential immediate emotional response people have to him. Indeed, he looks like purity and innocence manifest in animal form which is a really great, strong opening statement to have. He’s also one of only 25 lemurs in captivity AND he was rejected by his mother – bringing in a solid sympathy vote.

What Bilbo doesn’t have, and this will possibly work against him, is media experience. Knut is currently on the cover of Vanity Fair with Leonardo diCaprio and seeing as his schedule wouldn’t allow him to get there they actually airbrushed him in anyway and he’s been headlining as a feel good story for weeks now. Bilbo hasn’t. Regardless of how this plays out, the winner is and will obviously be the public. [source]

Two old New Yorkers, how on earth this made the news is really a mystery, who are moving to Arizona now that they’ve retired have decided to pay a New York cab driver they JUST met 3000 dollars to drive them to the desert state near the west coast. Sounds like two elderly people have just received their retirement checks and now they’re totally splashing out on inane purchases all pepped up on possibility. You could fly there business class for that amount. Stand by for the membership to a swingers bondage club for seniors. She was an executive assistant in New York until she retired, there's got to be some pent up rage in her that needs to be beaten out.[source]

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