Saturday, February 02, 2008

Week # 5 in Review

While Senators Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama were the only two left standing on the Democrat side of the pending presidential election after former Senator John Edwards called his campaign to a close, entertainment news programs Entertainment Tonight and the Insider announced that they would, by Thursday, be running as yet unseen footage of recently deceased actor Heath Ledger both talking about and doing drugs in a hotel room in Hollywood two years ago. ET and TI paid an estimated $200,000 for the tape and had hoped it would score them big ratings during sweeps week but pressure from the company that reps the mother of Ledger’s child led a campaign under-scored by a threat to pull all future cooperation with their other celebrity clients and so the programs stated that had reversed their decision and would not air the footage they had been promoting for a week out of respect for Ledger’s family.
A man pretending to be Heath Ledger’s father managed to get hold of a list of movie stars on the phone in an attempt to extort money from them. Stars such as Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Halle Berry were victims of the con man who almost convinced Travolta to buy him an airline ticket to the US. Actor Daniel Day Lewis accepted his award for Best Actor at the SAG Awards and made special mention of Ledger’s talents as an actor in his acceptance speech despite having never met him.

Pop star Britney Spears was taken to hospital as part of an intervention staged by her family and friends and she was placed under 3 days of psychiatric evaluation. After the first night of evaluation Spears was declared “Greatly Disabled” due to the fact that she is bipolar. In reaction, Courtney Love was quoted as saying “Marilyn Monroe was strapped to a gurney too, but other than me and Britney, no one’s ever been strapped to a gurney”. Grey’s anatomy star Justin Chambers checked into the UCLA psych ward because he was having trouble sleeping. Spears’ friend and makeshift manager Osama Lufti, it was reported, has had three restraining orders out on him and Dr. Phil McGraw, an apparent friend of the Spears family, was seen on several high profile TV shows talking about how badly he handled being asked to help Spears several weeks ago.
Pop star Avril Lavigne filed an application with the US Patent office to trademark her name in relation to a series of beauty products indicating that she has plans to release a fragrance, photos of reality TV character Nicole Ritchie suggested that she has lost all the weight she would have put on as a result of being pregnant despite giving birth only weeks ago and actress Sean Young became very drunk at the Director’s Guild Awards in Hollywood and yelled at artist Julian Schnabel, actor George Clooney and actor Marion Cotillard prompting her to check into rehab the next day.

Actress Lindsay Lohan was seen out in New York taking swigs of Grey Goose vodka despite having recently spent a significant amount of time in rehab, the mother of ex-zeitgeist Paris Hilton, Kathy Hilton, released a new fragrance to accompany her beauty line entitled “My Secret”, New York Magazine ran a feature profile of American Idol alumni Clay Aiken that quoted him as saying that he had “kind of shut it off,” referring to his sex drive. ”Is that bad?” he asked.
Reports that New York fashion label “Heatherette” is to close down were confirmed and it was announced again that it’s head designer Richie Rich would team up with ex-porn star Jenna Jameson to open a bar/gallery in New York’s East Village called “The General Store” and ultra conservative pundit Ann Coulter announced that if the presidential nominations came down to Senator Hillary Clinton versus Senator John McCain she would both vote and campaign for Clinton.

In oddball news based in the US, Thunderbolt Aerosystems unveiled its new ThunderPack Revision-2 Generation 2 (R1G2) rocket pack and put it on sale for $90,000 available in May of 2008 and the state of West Virginia announced that it was considering a bill to teach school children how to handle a gun and hunt safely in order to increase state revenues from hunting licenses.
In the UK, Jean Preston, an Oxford librarian died and it was revealed that she had more than 4 million British pounds worth of art in her humble home, 11 year old Jerome Bartens who was thought to have been deaf for the past 9 years, regained 100% of his hearing instantly when an old cue tip fell out of his ear while playing with friends, Queen Elizabeth II approved the appointment of the House of Commons first female serjeant at arms and Woolworths Department Store had to remove a line of children’s beds after parents complained at the inappropriateness of calling the bed “The Lolita”.
In Europe, German nudists were being offered a nudist flight between the eastern German town of Erfurt and the popular Baltic Sea resort of Usedom for 499 Euros and German authorities were able to pin a burglary on a suspected thief after he left a half eaten slice of salami carrying his DNA at the scene of the crime.

In Africa, a shop in Ghana was selling custom made coffins in the shape of coke bottles and vegetables while in Tanzania a new shrew-like creature with a snout similar to an elephant’s trunk was found in the mountains making it the first new species of the mammal found since the 19th century.
In Asia, a Chinese student was picked up by police in the central province of Hubei after he was found attempting to ski to his home town of Wuhan, 200 km away. All other transport had been cancelled due to a snow storm. In Japan, a 26 year old teacher at a Tokyo school was arrested for making a group of boys undress at knifepoint and stealing their underwear, a Japanese marketing company was offering their staff time off for employees who had suffered bad romantic break ups and Takahiro Fukinuma, a 37 year old single, unemployed man was arrested for allegedly calling directory assistance thousands of times because he liked to be scolded by female operators.

“I would go into ecstasy when a lady scolded me,” he said.

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