Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The rumour is that Angelina Jolie is not pregnant with twins after all and that she is looking around France for a place to buy and then have the kid. In fact, all the kids are learning French at the school they go to in New York.

This isn’t surprising to me seeing as, in much the same way that I already predicted that Shiloh Pitt is destined to become a living celebrity muse, this other kid is going to end up an ethereal angel who is accompanied at all times by a Celestian choir. The very same choir that Hillary Clinton was referring to when she was joking about Barack Obama’s lack of solid substance except this time it won’t be a joke. It will be real.

I already had an inkling that Shiloh Pitt would grow up and move to Paris and just float around in white and speak in a high voice like the freaking child-like empress from the Never Ending Story and that if Angelina Jolie had twins they would be the Wonder Twin with magic celebrity powers. I thought it would all happen in France because France is the perfect place for Brangelina and their army to really make sure the rest of the world knows just how much better they are than everyone else. Than average normal people. Look at the way it’s turned out.

The only real problem I can foresee with this new kid is if Shiloh Pitt, in her teenaged Paris dwelling years, grows jealous with rage and becomes evil. Then there will be no hope for anyone. Ever. Well, I mean, the new kid will be a force for good but still – there’ll be international conflict and horror if Shiloh Pitt is neglected. [source]

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