Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Here’s a picture of Paris Hilton that is doing the blog rounds today. That’s her in the middle, alone, sitting in a cinema, surrounded by cups. Is she made of wax? Is it really her? Those cups are her only friends and by friends I mean other people who have gone to see the movie she’s in. Actually, that’s a little deceptive really when you think about it. In order for those cups to have made it to the cinema they would have to have been carried into one by a human and if there’s one thing we know about her recently released film “The Hottie and the Nottie” it’s that humans aren’t entering cinemas on her account. I reported last week that The Hottie and the Nottie scored a whopping 1.2 out of ten on the IMDB.com rating scale which is the lowest score of all time so this photo just serves to commemorate that. It’s just so clever I feel like I could puke my rotting guts right out of my head.
They’re not really rotting but somehow Hilton always makes me think of decomposing flesh in a really intense way.
How very Paris Hilton to immediately come up with a way to get more press and be the focal point of a photograph even though the basis for its relevance is her chronic failure. How very Ann Coulter of her. I for one, regularly resent even typing her name and yet here I am. Hilton: 1, Phillp: 0.

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Fendi said...

I miss this betch! ;)