Friday, February 08, 2008

Cindy Adams interviewed Andrew Morton about his new book ST. Martin's "Tom Cruise: An Un-authorized Biography" which is topping a best seller list today to essentially find out whether or not Tom Cruise is gay and how difficult Cruise was when Morton tried to write the book. Even though Morton goes to great lengths to state that he wrote the book despite all sorts of fairly predictable threats from Tom Cruise’s people, he claims Cruise isn’t gay. The only thing Tom Cruise seems to get freaked out about is people thinking he’s gay and people attacking Scientology and he’s only gone on the attack about Scientology in the past few years.

I’m just wondering if it’s just too hard to say “Tom Cruise Is Gay” so Morton denies it directly in the press and then his book implies it or something. I don’t need Tom Cruise to be gay, I just think it’s fascinating that he goes to such an extent to prove his normal heterosexuality. Like, not even heterosexuality, just recognizable normality. He needs recognizable normality to remain marketable.

I wouldn’t normally read a book like this but I think I’m going to now. I’m just fascinated by Tom Cruise and the depths of his delusion and how it feed his ability to function. I mean, what else could he be besides a movie star machine product?

This is my favourite quote:

"And I deliberately did not take Scientology head-on. I simply explained his own persona fitted with the [sect]. At first I thought him a ticking bomb, like the programmed Manchurian Candidate. I've now learned his personality chimes with their ethos. He's basically a zealot. Driven, focused, authoritarian, a techno geek, slightly hierarchical, with a disconnect from society in general and a self-contained philosophy. Almost a military feel allowing no outside influences. At this point, everything in his life is shaped around his faith. He is willing to sacrifice his career for his faith. "

And presumably prior to that he was willing to sacrifice components of his identity for his career. I’m just saying… [source]

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