Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tom Jones, 67 has insured his chest hair for 3.5 million pounds and I’m not exactly sure what he thinks will happen to it at this point. I mean, it’s stuck around for this amount of time, where would it be going?

Unless he were after a quick buck and he “accidentally fell into a pile of depilatory cream” one morning, I can’t see what the point of this is. Actually, yes I can.
America Ferrara insured her smile for like a million bucks a while ago and prior to that Madonna, of course, insured her breasts…it’s all about anchoring your worth in something and sticking with it. It must be pretty freaky to get up in the morning and say, “Well, here I go...it doesn’t matter what I do today, as long as I smile a lot…I’ll get paid”. Plus, announcing that you've insured the vital part of your body ensures that people will still think about it and look at it.
Tom Jones has basically just decided that his public persona boils down to his hips and his chest hair. Maybe his voice but whatever. As long as he can still grind and flash the chest hair he’ll keep bringing home the bacon. So, essentially in his mind, Tom Jones is a sex doll for middle aged women. A warbling sex doll. The voice is an afterthought. [source]

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