Friday, February 15, 2008

Star Jones has found a job now that she’s been fired from Court TV and is set to star in The Vagina Monologues and that’s just great because if there’s one thing I want to think about with Star Jones, it’s her vagina.
Despite the fact that Star Jones likes to remind people that she’s actually a lawyer, she seems to have this uncanny tendency to relentlessly force the general public to consider and dwell nauseatingly upon her physicality. Her body was impossible to miss when she was on the View because you couldn’t help but wonder exactly how much of what she shoveled into that head of hers to maintain her planetary girth. Then she had her stomach stapled so she could shrink wrap her body into the weird skeletal form it is now – which makes us think about her either in surgery or you know, yelling at her husband, Al Reynolds as he clips the bulldog clips down her back each morning to disguise that left over sagging skin.
Now she’s doing a play that really zeros in just on her vagina. Well, I suppose someone in her life has to pay attention to it. I mean, I think we’re all pretty comfortable with the fact that her gay ass husband sure as hell doesn’t.

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