Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tim Gunn went on Conan O’Brien to talk about fashion and how to look good and the whole appearance was really quite interesting in the sense that he was talking about fashion and came across as actually interesting and secondly he laid into Hillary Clinton in a really obvious way. So, with this there are two main things to point out.
First up, people who talk about Fashion on TV – particularly fashion designers who talk about their own work – usually suck. They’re just like porn stars talking about their work. There’s an actual point to fashion and there’s a deep vein of complex humanity flowing through it in much the same way that there is with porn but the people who create both are usually either too obsessively superficial or lacking in consciousness to actually articulate about what they’re doing or why they’re doing it. Plus, they lie a lot. All the porn stars I have interviewed always say they’re successful because of porn but they’re really hookers. Furthermore, they don’t do porn JUST because they are exhibitionists, there’s a level of abuse that prompts them to do it. I don’t believe there is a well adjusted porn star alive.
In this interview though, Tim Gunn makes more fashion analysis sense than basically anyone I’ve ever heard talk about fashion. Most of the time fashion dialogue is stream of consciousness ramble that uses mindless ego and fake conviction to make a point. Tim Gunn is pragmatic clear. It was nice. I didn’t want to stab my face off listening to him.
Then he talked about Hillary Clinton.

"When she was in the White House I really thought there was hope for her. And then she became the senator from New York and I thought 'hurray, hallelujah, she's from New York, she's representing us, her fashion will really be ramped up,' but I think she's confused about what her gender is. She's so mannish in her dress, and I believe the suits are probably made out of Kevlar. I just don't get it. There is one Capitol Hill leader whose fashion I think can't be beat and that's Nancy Pelosi."

Nancy Pelosi doesn’t come under fire because she’s not posing a cultural threat to anyone really. She’s also much further under the radar than Clinton is. She’s also working the most standard, practical, female politician look ever. She’s completely unchallenging in a fashion sense. I don’t get why people don’t understand the delicate balance Hillary Clinton maintains with her fashion in relation to her position as a Senator. People keep saying she’s too mannish but she gets this level of criticism because she’s a unique cultural figure and people don’t know what to do with her. She’s also a fiercely cerebral woman and that generally doesn’t translate to relentless fashion triumphs. She can’t be too womanly, she can’t be too manly. She can’t tow the line because she’s pushing it, she can’t lose her mind completely because she’s running for public office. It’s not that hard to understand why she wears pants. It’s also barely the point.

It did surprise me that Gunn went there with Clinton though. Gay people in Chelsea seem to be voting as a block – for Clinton – because she’s got Diva appeal and gay men can see her as a mother figure. It surprised me that Gunn went there. It actually resonated that he was being apologetic for being non-straight by attacking Clinton. He attacked her fashion sense and femininity and then celebrated the fashionably refined but unchallenging Pelosi. Yeah, Pelosi should run for president because she can dress better. Wow, totally. The thing is, I would actually vote for Obama if I could vote in the US so, it’s not like I’m all pro-Clinton. I was just surprised Gunn went there.
Gunn doesn’t suck really. He spoke well. I think I just tire of the same old Chelsea queen routine and not just from him, from all of them. It’s so predictable and soldier like.

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