Monday, February 11, 2008

The New York Post reports that not only are celebrity tour companies taking tourists past Heath Ledger’s old apartment already but that Artie Lange has been joking about his death – marking the first mention of a joke about it. I would have thought Joan Rivers would have got in first but apparently not. Lange was quoted as saying:

"I'm not happy [Ledger] died, but I'll finally get all the roles I was losing to Heath. 'Brokeback Mountain.' I had a great audition. I [bleep]ed the [bleep] out of Jake Gyllenhaal."

Actually, the first joke I heard in relation to Heath Ledger’s death was two or three weeks ago when I was at this smallish party on a Sunday night at the Rapture Café in the East Village for DJ Sammy Jo before he moved to Barcelona. The theme was “Bombed Voyage” and so the main people were dressed as airline personnel and were wandering around totally drunk. I mean, they were acting drunk, until at least 2 am.

Drag queen Hattie Hathaway was walking around with a microphone making announcements at random points as though we were on an aircraft that went something like:

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard our flight from JFK to Myrtle Beach. Before our final touchdown at Heath Ledger International Airport, we’ll be stopping in Cleveland, Montreal and Reykjavik. After that we’ll talk.”

Maybe the rule is that they have to actually have been buried. Once they’re in the ground it’s a free for all race to the finish line. [source]

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