Thursday, February 21, 2008

People are always writing about Jessica Alba but I’m not one of them. What Would Tyler Durden do just wants to sleep with her, Perez Hilton hates her because she once said she didn’t feel like she was Latina and D Listed hates everyone (but usually for good reason). I don’t really care about her except for today.

What I found interesting about her today is that she’s pregnant with twins, or at least she claims she is and she does so in the National Enquirer which is the media outlet of choice for anything thinking celebrity. Especially when it comes to making sure the right story gets out there.
Yesterday I think it was, merely YESTERDAY, I said that twins were the new singular kid thanks to J Lo but then I remembered that Julia Roberts had twins too, then there was Dennis Quaid’s poisoned twins, everyone is insisting about how Angelina Jolie is having twins and so that means it really is a sliding scale of celebrity tag alongs from now on and it also really is a trend. Have a couple of kids. Don’t just have the one, that’s common. Have two. Have 8. Have 10 at once. That’d be overkill actually. Twins is all you have to do to be cool except now, as with everything else, there’s only space for one or two more celebs before it becomes lame.

It was the same with mental illness after Britney Spears went into hospital. There was Jason Chambers with his insomnia, Delta Burke with her totally reasonable “hoarding” problem, Courtney Love with her “Only Britney and Marilyn and I have been wheeled out on a gurney” and then SORT of Kirsten Dunst when she had a breakdown on the way into rehab.

So, we’ve racked up four or five with the twins and the next one will have to be someone lame likeTara Reid. I’m surprised she hasn’t done it already. A little hyper fertilizing with IVF and bang – here’s a chance at a career again. Hell, she gets banged enough, I wonder why this hasn’t come up before? [source]

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