Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The New York Post continues its eye roll worthy elbowing of Diablo Cody, the winner of Best Screenplay at the Academy Awards for her film “Juno” that began in the hours that followed the Academy Awards by publishing an item today about how she wants to get a tattoo of the face of Ellen Page, who played in Juno. Because she has tattoos. And she was once a stripper.

Ok, so maybe it’s mildly insane to consider getting a tattoo like that, but the woman is currently justifying the propaganda soaked American Dream that anyone can make it big and so, while she’s beautiful and talented, the chances are she’s having a lot of hot air and gold blown up her ass at the moment so she can be forgiven for maybe saying a few one liners that don’t make complete sense. It’s not like she’s decided to run for president. And whatever anyway, I mean, get the tattoo – what does anyone really care anyway?

But good on the Post for not dropping the ball once with the shocking, paper selling news that Cody was once a stripper and that she has tattoos. Because even though it was something she was clearly open about to the extent that John Stewart mentioned it in his remarks as host and the fact that yes, she has tattoos – we can see them – it’s important to remind people that they might be offended by tattoos and a stripping past. Just in case they forgot. The Post is always there to make sure we remember to be morally outraged by meaningless crap – sort of like Bill O’Reilly and for that I am eternally grateful.

Excellent. Incidentally, if people who read the Post without irony stopped going to strip clubs and whores I can’t imagine the industry wouldn’t basically collapse. [source]

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