Friday, February 08, 2008

Forbes Magazine just released its list of top earning Black Americans and Oprah tops the list. Yeah, what a surprise? Apparently Oprah earns $712,000 a day. Oprah earns in a day what Britney earns in a month. I mean, when you look at it like that its hard not to see Britney as a bona fide loser.


I kid. Have a lie down, dear. It’s going to be ok. Just have a nice tea and a good lie down. In Louisiana.

Anyway, look, here’s the list:

Oprah Winfrey - $260 Million
Tiger Woods - $100 Million
Jay-Z - $83 Million
50 Cent - $33 Million
Kobe Bryant - $33 Million
Shaq - $32 Million
Michael Jordan - $31 Million
Will Smith - $31 Million
Beyonce - $27 Million
Lebron James - $27 Million

All of them are entertainers in some respect. ALL. Is there something in that? That the top earning black people in America are all sports people or entertainment? I suppose Oprah is more of a media mogul than just an entertainer but it does boil down to the same KIND of thing; she makes money because she markets an identity. I like these lists, they kind of put everything in boxes for me and I find that calming. Well, also, it’s something I can quote at parties and people think I sound like I know about crap. [source]

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