Thursday, February 07, 2008

It’s amazing what an unmedicated, psychotic, popstar on the run from reality ex-wife can get you even if you’re more or less talentless at everything besides knocking women up. Us Magazine is reporting that K-Fed will be in New York to sit at the Marc Jacobs Show on February 8 at the Armory. I only included that last bit because I remembered it from something I read and I’m just saying anything that comes into my head. I mean, in a rational manner.

Kevin Federline lives in Los Angeles which means that someone somewhere has paid for his ticket to New York City so he can be a part of Fashion Week. Most of the time, celebs are actually flown in by designers or at least PR people because then everyone can hang out together, feel popular and cash in eventually. Someone looked at him and said, “Excellent. He can stay.” Plus, they allocated a spot for him at the show – which is the way it works too. You can’t just show up. Every seat is allocated.

All he’s really had to do of late is lie back and let Britney make him look like a completely rational adult which he has done. Now he’s cashing in and getting some press at events that are far more high brow and sophisticated than wherever the hell he’d naturally gravitate towards; namely, a freaking ho down with hogs in overalls, flagons of moonshine and his brother/cousin/father playing the banjo.

Standby for a fashion line or SOMETHING fashion related from K-Fed. Actually, that’d be fine. He could release an underwear line where he’d model the stuff himself and that would be ok, as long as he doesn’t freaking sing any more. For a rat faced white trash hick opportunist, K-Fed has got it going on now more than he ever really would have had had he not married Spears. Her madness is keeping him in caviar and furs. [source]

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