Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The New Post is reporting that Madonna is actually hilarious fun. Hmm. Ok. Sure. They reported:

"Madonna complained that she got only three hours of sleep because of her Oscar party Sunday night, and then asked another juror if she could lie down on the bench." One spy said, "She was laughing with jurors and said she hated the movie 'Enchanted.' " When the court started calling out jurors' names, Madonna "got up to stand in the unemployed line and joked, 'I'm gonna tell them I'm an unemployed mom.' "

And yes, she does come across as undeniably hilarious and likeable. The thing with Madonna is, though, that she’s actually not trustworthy when it comes to the press. She doesn’t leave anything to chance ever. It seems likely that she realized she comes across as a strict, cold, defensive, powerhouse and she needed to humanize herself for some reason. Someone probably told her that when you seem human you can claim it on tax.

Consequently, she had one of her mignons release this charming little tidbit to the media. What a genius act though. I mean, cracking jokes while at jury duty? There are like 8 levels of common humanity in that one sentence. Notice it wasn’t over reported either. Madonna really is a genius. If she worked for the military she would be a weapon in herself. [source]

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