Monday, February 11, 2008

The Daily Mail in the UK reports that Lily Allen has decided to take a break from her music career so she can put together her new TV talk show. Of course, with her rigorous adherence to her touring schedule over the past year you’d never have seen this coming but still here it is.
So, she apparently sat down and tried to tape the ludicrous show where she talks to guests and the audience applauds when the light goes on. She had Cuba Gooding Jnr, comedian David Mitchell and the band Reverend and the Makers and essentially failed on every level. So much so that the audience, mostly comprised of her fans and friends mobilized through actually got completely sick of it and left.

Apart from the idea that Lily Allen needs to be slapped into gear and realize that not everyone gets to be a pop star and that she needs to just god damned sing and sing often and well and hopefully on TV etc., why the hell is Cuba Gooding Jr a guest on a pilot? He won, albeit kind of lamely, an Academy Award for Christ’s sake.
I don’t get why people around Lily Allen say things like, “Yeah, you’d be great on TV interviewing people…you’ve got total crossover appeal” when she can barely show up as a singer and that’s all she is. Why not offer her a professorship at Columbia to boost enrolments while we’re at it? [source]

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