Friday, February 22, 2008

Bless The New York Post. It really is a spectacular paper and one that should be read daily and attributed with almost religious adherence. They’ve run a quote today which persists with their hammering out of the links they’ve essentially inflated between celebrities who are high profile Liberals and controversial world leaders this time linking Susan Sarandon with Osama bin Laden:

"MICHAEL Moore wants to bring Castro, Sean Penn is trying to get Chavez, but Susan Sarandon has the real A-lister. She's bringing bin Laden. His turban is Armani" - film critic Bill McCuddy on this year's Oscars.

And you know, I, for one, love it. It reads like a quote from some show like Hannity and Combs where Sean Hannity and Anne Coulter sit around and congratulate each other on being right. This is the quote that is thrown in right before the ad break and they all have a good laugh while Alan Combs stops flinching in the corner.

But you know, why stop there? Why not just go the whole distance and say that Susan Sarandon IS Osama bin Laden or better yet, she’s the walking embodiment of 9/11 and sadness and horror. That would work for me really well provided I’m an idiot. [source]

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