Monday, February 04, 2008

In an odd flash back to her make out session with Spears and Aguilera on MTV, the Mirror in the UK reports that Madonna is acting all dominatrix like and she’s apparently going to be whipping Justin Timberlake in her new music video. The song is called 4 Minutes to Save the World and she apparently breathes out lyrics like "Come on boy, I'd like to show my addictive control", and "You're mine. Just give it up, can't get control." While standing over Timberlake and producer Timbaland making them feel inferior but in a fairly obvious sexual way.

Madonna is smart to be whipping Timberlake. I mean, to a certain extent it’s what most people want to do to his cocky, smug ass anyway but she’s really got the art of remaining relevant while living a completely different life down to a fine art. She’s actually like Dolly Parton in that way. The difference between Dolly Parton and Madonna’s public persona and private lives is really staggering.

Madonna is now essentially a 50 year old dottering English lady with a fake English accent who wanders about her estate in England dying sheep, fostering pheasant and wearing plaid berets while sipping tea and clapping at the shooting efforts of some old man who has bad teeth and carries his gun under his arm. Sometimes she’ll speak and her Detroitness will fall out and she makes everyone start the evening over again so she can say it all with an English accent again but she’s getting better and better.
In public however, she manages to do the barest essential in ensuring her impact as a pop cultural icon. When her last album came out she went for the jugular of the core of gay culture in New York by playing a surprise gig at the Roxy and then kept her hand in with the edginess by DJing for the rancidly hipster Misshapes. That was it. Core fan base, edgy underground trend setters. Album launch. Back to London and to the estate for some suet pudding and sword polishing.

So, good on her for whipping Timberlake. It’ll keep her arm in at the very least. [source]

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