Friday, February 08, 2008

Page Six Reports that PETA is now taking aim at Donna Karan for her use of fur in her most recent collection for fashion week. They have this items which tells how a PETA activist got into Karan’s apartment and sat there with a little DVD player that showed footage of animals being killed for their fur.

The dialogue back and forth was really remarkable in the sense that you can really imagine it happening:

A horrified Karan said, "I can't watch this now. I have somewhere to be . . . I just really don't have the time."

When the PETA lady protested, Karan said, "I've seen all these [videos], but for me it's just purses and accessories."

That prompted the PETA woman to shoot back, "But for me and millions of other people, these are animals. They suffer terribly as they are electrocuted, gassed and skinned alive for their pelts."

According to McGraw (their source), Karan said, "Look, nobody loves their dogs like I do . . . I feel like my privacy is being invaded. How did you get in here?" Then she walked away.

Because PETA are the petulant celebutard of activist groups, the fashion industry are a really great adversary for them. No one can feasibly argue that the fur industry isn’t responsible for some pretty horrifying crap and so therefore any way PETA wants to act out is essentially defensible. Oh, you threw paint at an old Manhattan socialite and she fell over and cried? It’s ok because fur is evil. Oh you antagonistically committed character assassination on someone? That’s fine because fur is evil.

The Fashion Industry however, is a completely self absorbed industry entirely focused on the exterior surface. As such, they’ll do whatever they want anyway because it all links back to ego and status with a distinct lack of self analysis. Fashion designers don’t approach fashion in the same way artists approach art; they approach it as a comparatively non-intellectual activity. Fashion culture is about class, clique, adornment and money. If they jump on any kind of bandwagon then it more than likely has nothing to do with the actual cause and it’s more about press or business. I mean, look at the meaningless focus on the weight of emaciated female models headed up by Anna Wintour and Diane von Furstenberg which went nowhere.
In fact, not only are women inhumanly thin now, but according to the Times yesterday – so are men.

Anyway – so when you’ve got a group of activists charged up on childhood anger and a target group who is imperious and shallow – it’s a cycle that can go on forever. [source] [source]

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