Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The New York Daily News’ Gatecrasher column offers its take on Star Magazine’s cover story which is that Britney Spears went to Mexico with her Stockholm Syndrome boyfriend Adnan Ghalib to get married and it starts out:
Really, the only logical explanation for Britney Spears' wild jaunt to Mexico last month was that she was going to get married, but it took Star magazine to connect the dots.
The only logical explanation? We’re talking about an unmedicated, bipolar, intensely needy, attention hungry millionaire popstar. As much as I’m sort of done tearing her apart, I’m not so sure “logic” has much to do with well, any part of Britney’s life right now at all – let alone a trip to Mexico which also involved several decoy private planes.
Who knows whether Star actually got it right (there are apparently documents to support the marriage) because I mean, it’s a gossip magazine and they can say what they want but really, I’m just impressed that Ben Widdicombe used the word “logic”. [source]

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