Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just when it seemed like Perez Hilton had become so fat he could never possibly have been mistaken for a sexual being – particularly in Los Angeles, the New York Post has managed to hammer the concept of Perez at home in a bathrobe and nothing else, furiously typing with one hand by reporting that he had been engaged in online chats with another blogger and there was talk of a sex tape to be made…for Perez’ own personal use. Isn't THAT an alluring thought...

Jonathan Jaxson - a former publicist and founder of gossip site JJ's Dirt - told Page Six he sent Lavandeira sexually explicit videos of himself with the hope of Lavandeira's help, which never materialized.

Then later they quote Jaxson who says:

"I fell in love with Perez. I thought he had a huge heart . . . but he's just a [bleep]hole," Jaxson told us. "We started working together and communicating on how to make my blog bigger. Then it got more personal and intimate."

He fell in LOVE with Hilton? Really? OR - is it just vaguely possible that Jaxson is just another promosexual gay boy whose throwing it out there in the hopes of becoming famous. Oh, NEVER! How cynical! Of ME!

Plus, it can’t possibly be news that Hilton is a manipulative, greedy and ambitious media figure so that’s just a given. What I find interesting is that there are people who DO want to have sex with him or at least interact with him sexually for publicity. I interviewed him a couple of months ago and specifically asked him if people offered to have sex with him for publicity and his standard line was that no one wanted to have sex with him because he was fat and living in LA. LA don’t like fat chicks.

Forget Jaxson, though. I feel lied to! I just don’t know who to believe anymore. I think I’m going to start only believing Anderson Cooper again. I went off him for a while but he deserves to be a demagogue again. Hell, maybe I’ll bet on some auction where the prize is dinner with him. Then his illumination will blind me if I win. How romantic. It will be a romantic form of illumination based blindness. [source]

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