Tuesday, February 19, 2008

MSNBC reports that while People magazine paid 6 million dollars for the rights to photos of J Lo’s twins when she quirts them out, she isn’t worth that much in the US, as far as celebrity clout goes, and that’s why OK! Magazine in the UK decided not to bother buying the US rights to her twin baby pics.
So, essentially, by getting pregnant and having twins (which means that twins are now the new “singular kid”) she’s managed to earn more exposure and more money than she ever could have by making a film or recording an album.
Maybe that’s why she had the kids. Just like Joan Crawford when she adopted Christopher and Christina. Just the same. Probably exactly the same but slightly more current. When those kids are a little older and the cash has run out, J Lo will be lying upstairs in bed with her eye mask on medicated just enough to keep the rage and crippling fear at bay, her husband, Marc Anthony is sitting at a desk in the next room at a rickety wooden desk where he is attempting to keep a secret diary of his frightening relationship with her in case he ends up dead and people think she wasn’t responsible. His hands won’t stop shaking long enough for him to be able to type a lot of words each day so it’s mainly just short sentences that involve the words “resent” and “hungry” used over and over. The twins come up and tip toe through the room to see if they can get back their confiscated teddy bears. J Lo doesn’t even flinch. She knows everything. She stops them dead in their tracks and commands them to go back to their rooms and pray. She doesn’t even remove the eye mask.
J Lo is the new Joan Crawford. The new “ghetto smart” Joan Crawford. [source]

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