Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Alright so Sheryl Crow has a new album out and in an associated interview she said this:

I want to collaborate with Amy because she's really hot and cool right now. I know one song 'Rehab' was very popular particularly because a lot of young people are in rehab as well. In fact I'm thinking about going. It looks like loads of fun and I know my career will benefit from it."

Apart from the fact that it’s essentially inane to say that someone is “really hot and cool right now” (doesn't that make them lukewarm!? HA!) I think she more or less said it all. I mean, I actually have to hand it to her. She’s hit the nail on the head. Yes, Amy Winehouse did a song called “Rehab”, yes, it was popular with the young people, yes, rehab looks like loads of fun and if she went into rehab and then worked with Amy Winehouse her career would get a boost. Right now, the only things I can remember about Sheryl Crow are as follows:

1) Teeth. Really white, straight teeth. Good teeth. Teeth you can depend on.
2) Santa Monica Boulevard or something
3) Lance Armstrong
4) To a lesser extent the tie she has with Cintra Wilson because they dated the same guy and then he killed himself through auto-erotic asphyxiation.

That’s it! That’s all I remember! She could do with some boosting. Here’s the great thing about celebrity behaviour though: while she gets credit for basically just saying the truth about hype and pop culture madness, if she actually went into rehab and then worked with Winehouse she’d be torn apart for being a leech. So, there’s no win here for Crow. Nice try but just go home and cry into your millions, dear. [source]

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