Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Page Six reports that Jenna Hill Miscavige, 24, the niece of the head of the church of Scientology (David Miscavige, not Tom Cruise – Cruise is merely their living Christ figure) has come out in support of a lot of the freakish rumours about Tom Cruise in the new Andrew Morton book and has essentially denounced the religion and that’s interesting because usually there isn’t much in-fighting with Scientologists. Usually spokespeople for the religion climb up on a cross and make comparisons between their religion and something like Judaism or Christianity and act like it’s them against the world.

"We were also required to write down all transgressions . . . similar to a sin in the Catholic religion. After writing them all down, we would receive a meter check on the Electropsychometer to make sure we weren't hiding anything, and you would have to keep writing until you came up clean. This is from the age of 5 until I was 12."

If that’s the case, and I’ve actually heard from other people that that IS what happens, then it’s the perfect religion for closeted freaks like Tom Cruise and John Travolta because they can offload and compartmentalize the unmarketable components of their personalities and then feel like if they pay enough and give enough to the church that those elements are safely locked away in a vault.

Contemporary religion is completely freaking insane. Especially ones that link to LA culture. I read this book by Brett Easton Ellis that said Vampires live in the hills of LA and it’s probably true. I mean, it was published so that’s enough for me. [source]

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