Monday, February 11, 2008

The Grammy Awards were on last night and I flipped back and forth between it, Bill Maher on Larry King and this old recording of Iron Chef where they cooked with chocolate. Suffice to say, I think John Mayer is cooler on stage than he is off. Clearly. He needs to essentially not exist when he’s offstage. Amy Winehouse won five awards which she accepted via satellite because she wasn’t allowed into the country and she called out to her hot but douche husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, Aretha Franklin looked morbidly obese but essentially indifferent to it and Tony Bennett presented an award to Doris Day with Natalie Cole and skipped what seemed like everything third word in his part of the scripted banter. Natalie Cole kept smiling though. She sort of has to keep smiling. What else has she done since 1992? Gotta keep it profesh.
Here’s Winehouse getting through it pretty well and calling out to “my BLAKE!” which is reassuring because if she hadn’t you’d almost think she was on the mend.

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