Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Oh look – what a surprise. No, I'm not talking about her calming and enchanting airbrushed hair. Delta Burke has checked herself into a psychiatric ward now. Dear dear 51 year old, essentially unemployed Delta Burke is now in hospital for “hoarding” . “Hoarding”. Wow, fire your publicist, girl. "hoarding" just sounds amateur. Get a real illness like Tourettes or pyromania. Jesus.
So now, here’s what we can expect: A series of celebs will check into psych wards (I honestly, went to write the word rehab there but then realized that we’d all moved on from that…) and we’ll find out that there are actually a whole range of fraudulent psych wards that are really just resorts for the rich and famous. People will move in and they’ll start talking about all sorts of psychological problems they have in the public sphere because all of a sudden psychiatric illness will be considered really chic.

What will be really interesting is finding out which celebs will go into hospital for psychiatric reasons a little further on down the track. The longer they wait, the crapper they are. So far we’ve got Justin Chambers, Delta Burke, Britney Spears and Courtney Love. Who’s next? Come on …um….Alicia Silverstone – we haven’t heard from you in a while, have we? Get psychoed up!
It’s all the rage.
At least for the most part being insane doesn’t make you fat – although, it does if you end up on medication. Britney’s on lithium right now so that means she’s going to blow the hell up. She’s going to get really fat really fast. What’s the bet US Weekly has already bought a series of wide angle lenses in preparation? [source]

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