Thursday, May 31, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

What with being so obsessed with making sure their employees have the right to assert moralistic intolerance on whoever they want by not filling prescriptions they deem to be sexually immoral AND with making sure that their employees are shafted out of basic employees rights to health care in the US, Wal Mart’s head office in the US has dropped the ball on what guns are marketed to children in China’s Wal-marts. The Chinese government has seized a wide array of toy guns from a Wal-Mart in Shanghai because they are too realistic and realistic toy guns are partially outlawed in China. Way to fail, Wal-Mart. FAILURE [source]

School teachers in a South Korean girls school were so racked with panic and fear and terror and the disapproving internal voices of their strict but long dead parents that in order to increase their chances of winning a band competition, they put on the school uniform and played in the band alongside the less proficient students. Well, at least they were considered less proficient according the standards of their stern taskmaster teachers. Who doesn’t love a grueling, staggered arrangement of a medley from Disney’s Aladdin, eternally stripped of all enjoyment and drawn out for several minutes longer than it should be. Why ruin it with aspiration or a quest for excellence. Shame on those teachers. [source]

All eyes should remain on the Spanish town of Reus where the newly elected mayor has promised to regularly dress as Elvis, paint the town hall pink and turn the town square into a nude swimming pool. What’s the bet everyone gets all offended now that they’ve elected a madman to public office. Either that or the town of Reus is more evolved than any town in the West.[source]

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