Wednesday, May 30, 2007

And, just as expected, Michael Lohan, the estranged Lohan father, isn’t just concerned with his daughter’s well being. His ulterior motive is slowly becoming more evident as it’s revealed that not only is he jumping on the LiLo gravy train the minute he gets out of jail by talking to the press about his Christian concern for her well being but he’s also interested in raising 15 million bucks to open a rehab center on Long Island…with the critically acclaimed Stephen Baldwin who is now a right wing Christian. Ok, wow – who knew Stephen Baldwin was still alive let alone a right wing Christian? Still, maybe he needed all the theistic support he could get when he realized he had made films with Paulie Shore.

Anyway, good on Michael Lohan for getting relevant and involved the smart way; by becoming the anti-Dina. He’s more or less embodying every single thing Dina Lohan publicly isn’t (repentant, religious, self aware, concerned) in an attempt to clip the jumper leads from his life support system onto their kid. It would really be the only way to get close to LiLo anyway. Play the repentant, ex jail bird with insight to offer. It’s almost like, when you reduce away all the bullshit, Dina and Michael Lohan are playing the parts of Satan and God when it comes to their daughter. Or, those tiny little devils and angels that appear on cartoon characters’ shoulders. Except in this case one is a conscienceless show mother and the other is a self flagellating ex-con father. Why is it that this all sounds like the premise for an hilarious sitcom? [source]


Tracey from South Dakota said...

Y'all know Steven Baldwin is making a comeback and has a Sitcom slated on ABC. God works in mysterious ways LOL.

Deshenka said...

Tracey, you don't know what the fuck you talk'n about girl. I got a cousin in television post-production in Jefferson City Missouri and he knows all that is happening on TV. If a Baldwin sneezes, he can fell the drops of snot. That boy is dry girl, so check your facts bfore you go spillin' grease outcha crusty piehole. slut.