Thursday, May 10, 2007

Apart from anything else, can we just look at the fact that Prince is 48 years old and he still looks about 20? Ok, that’s done.

Regardless of his apparent muse-like transcendence of age, he’s still got to keep it hot, keep it happening. Marking a distinct departure from the recent outbreak of celebrities who enter rehab to gain what appears to be a basic combination of street cred and public forgiveness and obviously publicity, Prince may well be joining the ranks of such publicity seeking celebrity pioneers as the contemporary owner of “death” Anna Nicole Smith, by stating that along with playing 21 concerts in London and releasing a fragrance in July with the same name as his album last year (just to keep the old 3121 ball rolling) he will then take time off to study the Bible.

He’s releasing an album-themed fragrance and then taking time out of touring to study the Bible. Even though Prince has been a Jehovah's Witness for a while this isn’t a weird-assed Stephen Baldwin, Kirk Cameron “I’m a Christian now so don’t think about my ass” move. He’s not being an evanglical freak Christian. Just gonna read the Bible.

Cue: Midwest America to jump on the Prince bandwagon and do anything he says.

So, once you’re done affordably seeing him in concert, you too can adopt the Prince lifestyle by sitting down with a copy of his CD, adorning yourself with a few quirts of 3121 and reading the Bible. Rock concert, CD, perfume, Bible. It’s a totally bizarre progression that reads like the premise for a sitcom. [source] [source]

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