Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Seeing as the Beckhams have now bought a house in Beverly Hills, the free ride seems to be coming to a screeching halt for the kids who make their living as impersonators. After all, the real folks are in town so they’ll be spending more face time out and about meaning that people will soon be able to far more easily tell the difference between the clearly fatter Posh impersonator and the imploding shrink wrapped skeleton that is the original.

What’s to do…what’s to do?

Well, nothing for certain but at the end of Cindy Adams' column today she writes all about how Her Royal Highness the Princess Kristina von Mecklenburg de Vasa-Anjou is in town with Count Kirmet von Schumacher to attend to some vague, German events that don’t sound specifically about anything or real for that matter. In fact, if you look up the Princess and the Count on Google the only online mentions of the two in any capacity are from Cindy Adams herself. Today. Wouldn’t a Princess and a Count have a lineage or something online? Or, in fact, just a photo of themselves? Anywhere? Adams goes to the trouble of explaining how she has no idea who the two are or what the events they’re in town to attend to are but she nevertheless reports that they’re here in New York, just in case they end up being real. Cause you never know when it comes to people with unbridled bravado.

Whoever they are, and let’s tie it in with the intro to this post by saying – ha ha, maybe it’s the two people who were playing Posh and Becks in Los Angeles but this time they’re in New York and the characters are just generic royalty, they’re brilliant in a Kauffman kind of way. Kudos to you you fake royal gossip column mention getters! Now cash in fast and flee. [source] [source]

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