Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

People with computers are just as stupid as people who don’t have them according to stats of how many people clicked on an online ad offering free viruses to anyone who didn’t have them. 409 people clicked on the ad put up by Didier Stevens and so, if we were to hazard as guess as to what it infers about people, it seems more than likely that as soon as people see the word FREE anywhere all reason shuts down and they just simply comply. Anyone who doesn’t comply is managing a slight level of anxiety within because at the base of it – people seem interested in “getting” as much as they can for as little effort as possible. Hooray. [source]

Turns out that the Pope was actually spot on when he cunningly predicted that, “Computer technology is in the future” a few months back in response to being given an iPod. What an absolute visionary old Hitler Youth pants has turned out to be! It’s no WONDER he’s now the head of an entire religion. Computer technology not only in the future, it’s actually in the present too (which, technically, WAS the future when you think about it from the perspective of the past meaning that the Pope was right in two different ways, at the same TIME!) as Catholics in Croatia may now e mail their prayers to St. Anthony. E mailing prayers to saints is, when you strip away the dogma and arbitrary avoidance of reality, the adult version of writing letters to Santa. All you have to do is log onto the Veritas Magazine website (only someone in magazine publishing could come up with something as inane as this to push up daily hits on their website) and then a Catholic priest prints them out and takes them to the site where St. Anthony’s remains are kept. [source]

Most of my usual sources were coming up with pretty lame oddball stories today so I've opted for a selection of quality film moments from TV and the web. It really shows a cross section of American pop culture at the moment actually with the final moments of Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez caught on camera, Rosie O'Donnell gnashing her teeth at Elizabeth Hasselbeck, and the preview for Michael Moore's new documentary about the American Health Care System, "Sicko".

So, you've got celebrity death, celebrity yelling and national illness. They seem to fit together quite well.

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