Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

72 year old Katsusuke Yanagisawa from Japan climbed Mount Everest and in doing so he broke a world record. He started on April 8 and finished on April 22 officially set the record for being the oldest man to do so today. It takes a while to get that “official” status when you break a world record and the last person to do it owned the record because he was 70. What that means is that he should do it every year until he dies so he can keep the record. The previous record holder has got to be really taking this hard – after all – how the hell is he going to break another record now? He had all this personal life meaning tied up in that record and now, it’s all gone. It just goes to show, never invest your energy in anything because someone will always steal it. Stay inside and be safe. [source]

A bride in Malaysia peered into the spilled entrails of a cow and saw the name Allah arranged, it can only be assumed, through the random fallen placement of cow bowel and colon. Consequently, she has ascertained a bright future for herself. What remains (ha!) to be acknowledged by the woman is that the entrails, the very ones that spelt out the name Allah, were originally alive and inside that cow and yet, they didn’t do her much good, did they? [source]

Basically the gist of this story is that a bunch of English people got together over the weekend and threw cheese down a hill and then rolled down after it in an official competition. Clearly, there’s nothing that remarkable about that. After all, who DOESN’T do that kind of thing on a daily basis? Well, unless it’s American “cheese”. American cheese doesn’t really muster up enough realness to warrant throwing ones self down a hill after it. In fact, American cheese isn’t, when you get down to it, cheese…at all. What is interesting about this story is the headline: Daredevils dice with danger in bonkers British cheese chase. Now there’s some quality copy editing."There's no training you can do for this," said the battered winning tumbler; 25-year-old Jason Crowther, proudly clutching the seven-to-eight pound (3-3.5 kilogramme) cheese. [source]

It really was only a matter of time before the stupidity seeped across the border into Canada. They were holding out for so long but the membrane-like border has been pierced and Alberta is only a few days away from opening up its first Museum of Creationism. For those at home who don’t know what that is, firstly, congratulations and secondly, it’s a building that is designed to look like a museum that explains the idea that God created the world in seven days just over 3000 years ago and it does that by mimicking the nomenclature and institutional structure of science. If you do that, it means it’s rational and reasonable. Little cards with information on them and model displays equals true. But, why should I write more here when the good people at the museum themselves have presented a little film that explains how reasonable and on the money they really are. Enjoy:

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