Thursday, May 31, 2007

Apparently, one of the biggest concerns that has surfaced in relation to Lindsay Lohan’s seemingly endless demise due to her chronic reliance on alcohol and drugs and boundaries to cross is all the cash she is losing because of her new stint in rehab. Svedka Vodka has pulled out only now. Because at THIS point, the combination of Lindsay Lohan and vodka is distasteful, not at any point prior.

This is just like when Britney Spears raced around smashing cars with umbrellas and shaving her head. The moment she shaved her head, the investors backed away and if you scrutinize that it indicates quite clearly that, just as it is with America Ferrera’s smile and Jenna Jameson’s vagina, Britney’s power is stored and sourced from her hair.

No hair? Apparently, no deal.

In the case of Li Lo, she was able to edge closer and closer to officially turning her liver into foie gras but it was only the point where she was literally photographed, pale and dead looking in a car, completely obliterated and finally numbed to a safe distance from her internal emotional horror that Svedka started to re think it’s association.

After all, she’s done rehab plenty of times. Rehab isn’t the deciding factor and really isn’t even a legitimate past time anyway. Hell, I want to go to rehab in LA, it sounds like the most fun you could have in that soulless, death ridden, hell hole. And fuck Svedka for being so utterly sycophantic. In the absence of a party where LiLo gives out gift bags with Svedka in them, here are the two brands side by side. Just so we know to associate the two in the future – against Svedka’s wishes.

So, in short – getting drunk and smashing a car is costing Li Lo an arm and a leg. [source]

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