Thursday, May 10, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

Just like a good old fashioned bout of imperialism from the end of the 18th Century, Papua New Guinean police found themselves in a gun and…well, spear or arrow or catapult that propels poisoned shrunken heads - fight with a local tribal cult that practices human sacrifice. Apparently, police were ambushed and the cult members went on a killing and burning rampaged. This news is of course tragic but what the article also mentions is that in Papua New Guinea, women are often killed as witches and that kind of terror based patriarchal sadism is always intriguing. Who knew they still literally happened. Obviously, witch hunts still happen in essence everywhere but literally? There’s nothing like a good witch hunt to keep the kids under control. [source]

- Running on the from the witch hunt reference in Papua New Guinea, a hospital in Milan has taken down all its crucifixes to establish a more secular ambiance, particularly for people who aren’t actually Catholic that come in for treatment. Obviously, catholics think this indicates a complete demonic possession of the health care system in Milan and are crying tears of blood and of course the media are generally saying it’s to appease the religious bullies of the schoolyard - Muslems. We haven’t had a good hard core religious tension argument in a while so it’s nice to see one back. [source]

Ok so there’s so little of this story out of Spain that hinders it from being the perfect dinner party anecdote, it’s almost criminal. Spanish police stopped a tetraplegic man in a wheelchair, obviously, who was riding along the highway. He was driving by steering with his chin. It wasn’t like Stephen Hawkings, this man drove with his chin. But it’s not one of those “Oh, look at the crazy wheelchair bound guy driving along the highway stories.” No, it’s not just that. The guy had driven several miles and had gotten lost on his way to a brothel. He was nowhere near a brothel when found on the highway so there’s no essential reason why the brothel part of the story needed to be told and then reported in the international media but it nevertheless was and as such, it’s almost entirely perfect. He had to get to that brothel no matter what.[source]

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